Material Selection

We have stable and reliable Sales and merchandising team who owned solid knowledge and experience in material sourcing, production and product requirment in many countries. This is becoming essential for the more and more sticter environmental stantard. Also, the high and consistant quality and good price are ensured.

PU Leather
We often call it imitation leather.
External PU leather looks high class and elegant. The most important is good quality with low price.
Oxford Fabric
Clear grain, thick texture, multiple color choice, soft handfeel and durable with good price.

Good foam laminating product cloth, flannel glue stick cotton cloth, make whole case inside bright and tidy.

Production Process

Product Structure

External fabric can be PU leather, Oxford or multispandex with high quality, the body is the good elastic toughness EVA material; internal is soft velvet or multispandex. These three materials are laminated together for Thermal EVA case.


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