About Kase

Kase Packing Product Co., Ltd. was initially founded in 2000. Our head office is in Hong Kong and plant is located in Shenzhen. We are a comprehensive enterprise which is dedicated to provide best solutions for users with handy, excellent and durable cases/bags products. Under production work for many years, our company own abundant professional technique and experience in making various packing products. From design to material sourcing, processing, and packaging, our team strictly handle in every steps. We provide quality products and excellent after-sales service to customers.

Competitive Price

Kase has own factories in control of the whole production process from adhesion, molding, stamping and laminating. This enables us maintain low tooling cost, allowing us to offer high-quality cases at a fraction of the cost of other hard case manufacturers or resellers.

Professional Quality Control

Kase acquired ISO 9001:2000 certification for its quality management system and ISO 14001:2004 for environmentally management system;

- We supply products of the required quality to customers in a timely manner;

- We contribute to regional communities through such efforts as considerations in design toward safety and the environment;

- We establish and continually review quality targets in order to fulfill our quality policy;

- We seek to raise customer satisfaction by accurately identifying their needs;

- We carry out ongoing improvements to our quality management system;

- our on-site Quality Control Department inspects all of our incoming raw materials and outbound finished products to ensure that there are zero defects, saving time by reducing the risk of returns.

One-stop Service

You don’t have a finished product or prototype? No problem. Please provide CAD file or 3D file. Our colleagues will appraise the fesability of product and advice on adjustment if need. The prototype will be provided in 7 days after everything settled. We are absolutely dedicated to offering you the best customer service and profession.

If you're ready to get started contact us. We'll get back to you within one business day.



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Contact: Chris Wong

Phone: +86-18420151087 / +852-95260879

Tel: +86-0755-84671297

Email: chris.wong@kaseco.net

Add: Block A45, Fucheng’ao Industrial Area, Pinghu Town, Shenzhen, China

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